Mission, Vision, Values





The mission of the Information Technology Alliance (ITA) is to provide a collaborative environment in which leading IT professionals share information and build relationships that significantly enhance the way they and their clients do business.

Our Motto and Driving Force
Knowledge Increases In Value When Shared



To be a pre-eminent and highly regarded membership based organization of owners and senior leaders of businesses that provide IT and business solutions (products and services) to small and mid-sized companies. ITA is a small, selective, vendor independent group of highly ethical people who are committed to sharing the skills and experiences that make them successful.



At ITA, we're focused on the business of delivering client success and we value:

  • Discovery and sharing of best practices and lessons learned
  • Data gathered through benchmarking against each other
  • An environment of trust and integrity, that is member-driven and vendor neutral, where long-lasting business relationships form
  • Quality meeting experiences that foster our collaborative activities



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